What happens in cases of technical malfunction or poor quality in the transmission of the virtual event?

In the event of any technical, electronic or other critical malfunction that will affect the virtual event in any way, bets on this event become void and the stakes refundable. Exceptions suggest cases where the result has been determined and subsequently registered in our database. In any case, a valid result is considered the one to have been determined and subsequently registered in our database.

Due to the nature of the data connection and transmission, it is possible that despite the successful configuration and entry of the virtual event result to our database, this result, due to technical, electronic or any other malfunctions, may not be transmitted in sufficient quality or not at all. In this case, the result of the virtual event is considered valid, and the bets are valid, as this result has already been determined and registered in the database. Similarly, in cases where the streaming or even the commentary of a virtual event is out of sync, all bets remain valid.

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