What rights do I have and how can I manage my personal data?

Your rights with respect to your personal data are those of access, rectification, erasure, limitation of processing, data portability, objection and withdrawal of consent.

To view your personal data, please sign in to your account and follow the path Account > Personal Data. Therein, you can find out more about the personal data collected and maintained by our website, always in accordance with the new European GDPR legislation. If you follow the path Account > Personal Data >, then press on the Portability option at the bottom of the section, you can submit a request to receive your collected personal information while in the "Consent Management" section, you can select the ways and issues about which you authorize our website to communicate with you.

If there arise any additional questions or issues regarding your personal data, you may contact us at dpo-office@betano.com.

For further information on your rights and the processing of your personal information, you can visit the "Privacy Policy" section in the footer of our homepage.

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