How to set Financial Limits on my Account

This feature allows users to set limits for their wagering, losses, and deposits on a daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly basis.

You can set loss, wagering and deposits limits from Account - Profile - Player Protection.

They run for the time of your choosing (week, month or year), and then they are automatically re-set and begin again.

For example, if you set loss limits of 100€ per week on Monday at 11:00 am, your losses will be tracked from that point, and you will be prevented from losing more than 100€ until the same time on the following Monday. Then the loss limits will be re-set for the following week. 

Unsettled bets will also be counted towards your loss limit. 

You can choose betting and loss limits for Sportsbook, Virtuals and Casino. 

If you wish to increase or decrease your limits, you will need to change them from Player Protection section, and your request will be processed after 7 days.

Limit decreases take effect immediately.

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